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Meet four New Yorkers with late-night jobs

New York's hot chocolate revival can be traced back to City Bakery more than 20 years ago, but even though that bakery bastion shuttered in 2019, the scene is still piping hot. One reason? Baristas. A great coffee shop is often a great hot chocolate spot—that latte-quality milk can make all the difference when you want a cocoa to lift your spirits when battling the brutal cold. Fancy techniques aside, the best cocoas are comforting—there's a reason why hot chocolate is one of the defining flavo

10 Unsettling Museums In The U.S. That Actually Exist

Situated in a Somerville theater basement, the Museum of Bad Art is refreshingly devoid of good taste. “We feature art that would never be mistaken something that would be at The Met or the MFA,” says Louise Reilly Sacco, Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director. “Most of the work is donated by people who bought it for a few dollars at a yard sale or found in a dead uncle’s attic.” *At the date of publishing, this museum is currently undergoing renovations and is not open to the public.

Abril La Trene, Drag Queen

“I never expected to be a drag queen,” says Abril La Trene, Footscray’s warm and witty blue-wigged extraordinaire. Working in the corporate sector, she was bored and needed an outlet. She loved watching drag shows with her friends and thought: ‘I reckon I’ll give it a go.” One night, she performed a one-off parody for a friend’s party, and the artist known as Abril La Trene was born. The regular bookings soon came in, leading to an international career spanning over a decade. It is being the o

Windmill restored at Wally Tew Reserve

Visitors to Wally Tew Reserve may notice some colourful changes taking place. Recently, the windmill at Wally Tew was restored to its former glory, thanks to the work of Knox Arts and Cultural Services and Meridian Sculpture. Meridian Sculpture began work on the windmill in early November. The upgrade included much-needed maintenance that improves the structure’s safety and appearance. Rust was removed, and all rotten wood replaced. The windmill also received a fresh coat of paint in vibrant c

Donna Sparx, Hula Hooper

An ongoing series exploring unusual careers in the inner-west of Melbourne, by Belle Hann. Donna Sparx wanted to be a trapeze artist. As a trainee at the Women’s Circus in Footscray, she had bold dreams of flying through the air above an awe-struck crowd. But as John Lennon once claimed, life is what happens when you are making other plans. A shoulder injury meant she could no longer perform challenging aerial work. When someone suggested she try hula-hooping instead, Donna was not impressed.

Knox Festival returns for 2022

Knox Festival is back on 5 March 2022! We look forward to welcoming everyone to this proud Knox tradition that celebrates our local community. Head down to Wally Tew Reserve for a vibrant festival atmosphere with amusement rides, community stalls and food trucks. Enjoy family-friendly programs across the day followed by extended evening festivities with a fireworks finale. • youth hub featuring free activities and our very own roller rink! Knox Festival is a COVIDSafe event presented in line w